Metal Contraband Up-Coming Metal Radio Add Dates:

Updated Tuesday, May 30th, 2023:

Upcoming Add Dates For 2023:

Adding on June 5th 6th:
Evile – Title TBA (Napalm Records)
Factory – Time Machine [Single]  (Rock Avenue Records)
Iotunn – Mistland (single)  (Metal Blade Records)
Scar Symmetry – The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)  (Nuclear Blast USA)
Three Ton – Three Ton  (Deviant Monkeys)
Waxen – Die Macht Von Hassen  (Moribund Records)
Y&T – Yesterday and Today Live (RI)  (Metal Blade Records)

Adding on June 12th & 13th:
Arkona – Kob’  (Napalm Records)
Geld – Currency // Castration  (Relapse Records)
Trouble – Run to the Light (re-issue)  (Metal Blade Records)

Adding on June 19th & 20th:
Adversvm – Vama Marga  (Moribund Records)
Mental Cruelty – Zwielicht  (Century Media Records)
Varmia – Nie Nas Widze  (M-Theory Audio)
Vexed – Negative Energy (Napalm Records)

Adding on June 26th & 27th:
Before the Dawn – Title TBA (Napalm Records)
Death Ray Vision – No Mercy From Electric Eyes  (Metal Blade Records)
Elwood Stray – Gone With The Flow  (Out Of Line Music)
Raven – All Hell’s Breaking Loose  (Silver Lining Music)
Throw the Fight – Strangeworld (SPV/Steamhammer)

Adding On July 3rd, 2023:
Butcher Babies – Til The World’s Blind  (Blood Blast Distribution)
Feuerschwanz – Fegefeuer  (Napalm Records
The Raven Age – Blood Omen  (Music For Nations/SIN)

Adding On July 10th & 11th:
Voyager – Fearless In Love  (Season Of Mist)


Metal Q&A:

Helloween just set off on the United Forces U.S. tour alongside Hammerfall, running now through June. Metal Contraband’s Chelsea recently spoke with vocalist Michael Kiske about his return to Helloween, the Pumpkins United tour and current lineup, the latest tracks from the band, some of Michael’s history in and out of Helloween, his tribute to Ronnie James Dio, his favorite vocalists, and more. Check it out below.