Metal Contraband Up-Coming Metal Radio Add Dates:

Updated Tuesday, September 26th, 2023:

Upcoming Add Dates For 2023:

Adding On October 2nd & 3rd:
Carnifex – Necromanteum  (Nuclear Blast USA)
Conquer & Divide – Slow Burn  (Independent)
Filth Is Eternal – Find Out  (MNRK Heavy)
Freya – Fight As One  (Upstate Records)
Karras – We Poison Their Young  (M-Theory Audio)
Nytt Land – Torem  (Napalm Records)
Prong – State Of Emergency  (Napalm Records)

Adding On October 9th & 10th:
Jackpipe – Getting Jak’d  (Independent)
Lightcrusher – Constructing Stairs of Mortared Bone  (Moribund Records)
The Vintage Caravan – The Monument Tour  (Napalm Records)

Adding On October 16th & 17th:
Angelus Apatrida – Aftermath  (Century Media Records)
Cirith Ungol – Dark Parade  (Metal Blade Records)
From Hell – God Of Thunder (Kiss Cover)  (Scourge Records)
Go Ahead And Die – Unhealthy Mechanisms  (Nuclear Blast USA)
Oni – The Silver Lane  (Ironshore)
Temperance – Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2  (Napalm Records)
War Curse – Confession  (Metal Blade Records)
Within Temptation – Bleed Out  (Force Music)

Adding On October 23rd & 24th:
CoreLeoni – Alive  (Metalville Records)
Doro – Conqueress – Forever Strong and Proud  (Nuclear Blast USA)
Endseeker – Global Worming   (Metal Blade Records)
Mourning Mist – Amen  (Moribund Records)
Motley Crue – Year of The Devil  (BMG)
Satan’s Fall – Destination Destruction  (SPV Records)
Serenity – Nemesis AD  (Napalm Records)
Sodom – 1982 (EP)  (SPV Records)
Sorcerer – Reign Of The Reaper  (Metal Blade Records)
Turtuga – Iterations  (Napalm Records)
W.E.B. – Into Hell Fire We Burn (Digital EP)   Metal Blade Records)

Adding On October 30th & 31st:
Genus Ordinis Dei – The Beginning  (Eclipse Records)
Green Lung – The Heathen Land  (Nuclear Blast USA)
Konrust – Madworld  (Napalm Records)
Suffocation – Hymns from the Apocrypha  (Nuclear Blast USA)
The Convalescence – Harvesters Of Flesh And Bone  (Cleopatra Records)

Adding On November 6th & 7th:
Concrete Caveman – Feral  (Strange Mono Records)
Helmet – Left  (earMUSIC)
Meshuggah – Chaosphere 25th Anniversary Edition  (Atomic Fire Records)
Shylmagoghnar – Convergence  (Napalm Records)
Sodom – 1982 (EP)  SPV Steamhammer Records)
Witherfall – Insidiuus (Single)  (Deathwave Records)

Adding On November 13th & 14th:
Sadus – The Shadow Inside  (Nuclear Blast USA)