Metal Contraband’s Chelsea spoke with Beau Brent of FerreTT, to discuss the new album, Glamdemic, history of the band, working with Moribund Records, and more. Check it out below:

Chelsea here on the phone with Beau Brent from FerreTT. How are you doing today?

I’m doing very well, Chelsea. How are you?

Doing great, thanks. We’re here to talk about your new album, Glamdemic, just released on Moribund Records, so why don’t you start off by giving us a glimpse into the glam world of FerreTT and where you guys got your start?

Well, we got our start quite a while ago, actually. The origins of this band go all the way back to 2011, and it was very…you know, not much at the time, couple of guys in our early 20’s, hanging in a basement on Long Island, and I always loved Glam Metal, and we were like, “Let’s write a couple of songs”. Next thing you know, it’s an actual band, and we wanted to be called FerreTT, which was weird in its own right, I’ll get to that in a second. We came out with an album in 2013…and it was crap, you know, it was amateur hour, we were recording in the basement, I didn’t know how to sing at the time. But some of the songs were good, just pretty rough around the edges. Then we started playing live in, I think our first show was 2014, smaller stuff. We had a couple of lineup changes, and when we had those lineup changes, the band started becoming more real. And we started writing songs that were better, and one of the guys that joined, a guitar player, he’s not in the band anymore, but he worked in a recording studio in Brooklyn at the time. So we were able to write songs and practice there, and we kind of became…I’ll use the word, a good band. The shows started getting better and we started playing with some legends of the 80’s, like Autograph, Britney Fox, Great White. And then somehow we wound up signing to Moribund Records in 2018. Which is a little strange, considering that’s primarily a Death/Black Metal record label, but there’s a reason for that and it involves FerreTT. It was an actual, real life ferret named Sid, he was kind of like our mascot. Unfortunately, he passed away last year. But I personally have a large record collection – tons of records, CDs, vinyl, I used to do a radio show myself like 20 years ago in Albany, and that’s how I know Munsey. I used to take a picture with this ferret with one of my records every day, and post it to the FerreTT Instagram page, and I would tag the band, and I would tag the record label that the release came out on. You know, just still kind of half amateur hour time, just trying to get some exposure and whatnot. The album of the day happened to be a Sargeist album, the Black Metal band from Finland, and that was released on Moribund Records. So because I tagged Moribund, one of the girls that worked there wound up seeing the post, one thing led to another, and here we are discussing the “Glamdemic”.

That’s awesome. So it just kind of all played out. It seems like such a fun start, that it was such a casual thing of you guys just hanging out and playing and it just gradually grew.

Yeah! I mean, I didn’t expect it, if I would have expected it to become more a real band, I might have second-guessed using FerreTT as the name. In a weird way, I guess it worked out, because of Sid, here we are. And we started writing for this album way back in 2019, that’s how long it took for this to come out. We had more lineup changes, so this actually probably should have come out about two or three years ago, since the “Glamdemic” name would have been a little more appropriate in 2022. Better late than never, I suppose. And the song, obviously has nothing to do with the pandemic, it was just a pun from the situation.

I mean, I think that joke still hits. I don’t think people have exactly forgotten about a couple years ago, so it works. I’m sorry you don’t have Sid anymore, but in a way he’s still kind of helping you guys out because he’s still the mascot in a sense, and stuck around with the name there.

Yeah, part of me wanted to get another one, but they don’t live very long, and they’re very similar to cats and dogs in terms of the relationship you build with them, so who wants to deal with that every 6, 7 years? It’s too much, so there will not be a successor.

So you guys had released a few albums before, of course, and like you said, you’ve had some line-up changes, and definitely a slightly new line-up for this most recent album, so how did this current line-up come together?

Okay, so, the new album’s really convoluted. So the lineup on the new album is not that different from the lineup of In Through The Out Door, it had me and Scotty Hart, Scotty’s still in FerreTT, he’s our guitar player. Lex Slade, our bass player had left the band in 2020. Rather than add a new bass player, Scotty Hart did the bass on the album also, so he’s the bass and a lot of guitar tracks. TT Benoit did some of the leads, and then he kind of disappeared off the face of the earth, which is why this album was delayed so long. So a friend of ours, because he’s actually a really good guitar player, he wound up doing some of the solos that TT Benoit didn’t get to before he left. But he was never an official member, he was more of a session guy, he’s not really into glam, he’s more of a tech/death metal type of guy. Like Black Dahlia Murder, more technical death metal, so it wasn’t really for him to be in the band permanently, but he was a good friend that helped us out. Now we have a new lineup, we got a guy named Cool Hand Luke on lead guitar, who took TT Benoit’s spot. We have a new rhythm section also. The drum has always been a rotating thing in the band, I mean, I guess in a lot of bands. Our new drummer, his name is Juan Savage, he’s really dedicated, really into it. He also helps out with a lot of the social media graphics and whatnot. And our new bass player’s name is Chorizo Del Rio, he actually lives next door to me, believe it or not. He’s also new to the band, him and Juan are pretty new, but we’re just trying to get this lineup ready to play live shows. We haven’t played live shows in quite a while, about three or four years. Unfortunately, they weren’t ready yet in time for the album release, so there’s no album release, but I didn’t want to rush it, I didn’t want to prematurely have these guys playing because live is wild. So I’m thinking maybe like mid-summer, we’re going to start booking some gigs in the Tri-State Area.

That’s awesome, and definitely convenient to have one of the band members right next door to you, I’m sure that helps.

AND he works at the studio we record at, so that’s like a double help right there.

Definitely. So, Beau, can you talk more on your background in music? Kind of pre-FerreTT, what kind of music and bands had you played in before?

This is actually the only band I ever played in, except for a one-off project I did last year. But I did a radio show, I was the Metal Director at SUNY Albany, WCDB 90.9FM, from 2003-2008, and that’s how I met Munsey. So I was always more on this side of the industry so to speak, I don’t play an instrument, and I’m not going to pretend I’m a great singer, but when this kind of just came up, when this happened, it kind of led on its own, and here I am doing this. And again, no one’s ever going to mistake me for James LaBrie or Bruce Dickinson, but over the decade, I definitely at least got a little better in terms of being in key and knowing what I’m doing, basically. It’s been a slow progression, but it’s been good.

That’s great you have the radio background too. It must feel kind of funny, how you probably used to interview a lot of artists doing your radio show, and now you’re on the other end of it.

Yeah, it is interesting being on the other end of it. And there were times I got stood up, so I’m not standing anybody up today.

Oh, there you go. Yeah, it happens to everyone, but not too often.

It was mostly the in-person stuff, you know, things would happen, you’d call the tour manager, they wouldn’t pick up, or the guy would not be able to do it. But I had some good ones from back in the days, but a few misses as well.

Of course, it always happens, but hopefully enough good ones to balance it out. So are you still involved with the radio world at all, or are you fully in the music side of things now?

No, I do miss it though. I miss it, but I graduated Albany in 2008. I had a successor, my friend Max who is very good, but maybe not as aggressive as I am in terms of radio station politics? So like, the metal department kind of got thrown on the back burner, you know how most college stations are. Sadly, I’m not even sure there’s a metal show up there right now, but I do miss it. I haven’t done it in, oh God, 16 years, but I can imagine it must be completely different now, I wouldn’t even know how to use the equipment, I’d have to be retrained. 

That does tend to happen at some college radio stations, if there isn’t an authentic metalhead on the staff at the time, sometimes it can kind of be thrown to the back burner, but hopefully someone will always come along to revive it.

Yeah, I made some weird alliance with the Hip-Hop kids, so we could combat the Indie Rock kids, like, you’re not dominating all the good spots. Metal, Hip-Hop, other genres need some of these 8-10PM spots also, we’re not going on at 4AM every time, sorry.

Yeah, it always get stuck in the overnights, Metal, that’s for sure.

Early overnights can be good – like midnight to 2AM, not so bad. But after 2AM, who’s listening?

Good point. So can you talk about working with Moribund Records, how do you feel that added to or changed the experience at all?

Moribund re-released the last album, we self-released it, and when they found the picture on Instagram with Sid the ferret, and wound up listening to it, and again, even though it didn’t fit in necessarily with the rest of their roster, they actually have a sub-imprint called Moribund Rockers, there’s a couple of other artists on it, I believe, but some of the artists they have on their label that aren’t that Black Metal are on that, and it’s been great. It’s obviously not Century Media or Metal Blade, it’s a small label, but it’s more so that I feel like they’re fully behind us, big fish in a smaller pond, versus a small fish in a bigger pond sort of thing. They’re definitely putting a lot into this album in terms of like, advertising, getting radio spots, finally getting a reproduction of the album, Dan Swanö mixed and mastered it, so it’s definitely been a good relationship so far. I think the best part from my perspective is, the distribution. I’ve woken up and seen pictures of people in Japan holding our records in their Tower Records. At first, I was like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe Tower Records still exists”, was my first reaction. And then my second reaction was, “Oh my God, it’s out in Japan, that’s my record!” So to me, that’s the coolest part. Because if you’re looking to make money, playing Glam Metal in 2024, I mean, you must be delusional. So I’m not trying to make a career out of it, it’s more so something I’m really passionate about and want to do, and Moribund’s the perfect spot for that.

And you guys are definitely having fun with it, people are having a good response. So I think you’re in a good place for the glam world. I know you mentioned that you guys want to aim for some live shows and rehearsing and everything, but just give us an outlook on what’s coming up for you guys right now. If you’re thinking about writing some more, if you’re going to focus entirely on live, what’s the plan for FerreTT right now?

So, again, I don’t want to promise anything, but I was telling a guy in Connecticut, I’m thinking we’ll be ready maybe August to play live shows, maybe earlier, but I don’t want to rush anything. Part of that project I alluded to – I might as well just explain it real quick, a tribute to the movie Trick Or Treat. It’s an 80’s cult horror film, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it at all.

Yes, definitely.

Okay, so you are. So I was Sammi Curr, I dressed up as Sammi Curr, I looked great. And as a tribute, we did the entire soundtrack, and a lot of people came out, and we were really theatrical, but I didn’t think we were really quite right for the people that were coming out. And some of the people in the band, we didn’t practice enough, so it was rushed, but the gig was booked, it had to be right around Halloween. And I wasn’t too happy with how it went, the crowd was great, I know how it was, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the way it panned out. So I want to make sure that doesn’t happen with these new FerreTT shows coming out, there’s a lot of people anticipating us returning to the live front, so when we do return to the live front, I want to make sure it’s good. And again, “good” is in the eye of the beholder, right? It’s always going to be kind of like Guns N’ Roses 1988 in terms of sloppiness and people getting hammered, that kind of stuff, that’s what I want. I just want to make sure that it’s crisp, the transitions are good, it’s not like one weird space between songs, you know, that type of stuff. I want to make sure it’s a good show. So, I think we’ll get there, mid-summer, and then after that, we actually have an entire EP of material that was recorded during the Glamdemic sessions, and these songs are really good. It’s three originals and the cover. But I didn’t want Glamdemic to be like 70 minutes long, so we held out these songs. Some of them are a little more keyboard/synths-driven, so we thought they might fit better together on a EP. So that EP is probably going come out around this time next year. And you know, that’s already written. It’s done and recorded, I have it on my computer. The primary focus will be getting ready to play live shows. But you know, some of these new guys, like Cool Hand Luke specifically, is really looking forward to writing new music with FerreTT. Cool Hand has never been in a band before, he’s a really good guitar player, he’s never been in a “real band”, so he’s really looking forward to leaving his imprint in the band. And so is Juan and Chorizo Del Rio, so I think it’s going to be good. It definitely will not be three years between releases this time. The EP doesn’t even count, I see another full one coming as early as 2026, in my opinion.

Awesome, well it sounds like you guys are in a really good place right now, so best of luck with everything, hope to see you getting out there live soon, and it’s been awesome getting to know more about you and the band, so thanks so much for your time.

Thank you – Keep your eyes peeled, FerreTT will return to the stage soon.