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Overkill has officially announced a U.S. tour for the summer alongside Exhorder and Heathen, in support of their latest album, Scorched. The Scorching the Earth tour kicks off on July 13th in San Francisco and runs through July 30th, wrapping up in Huntington, NY. Bobby Blitz says, “Hey “killers’, the time has come to hit the road in the US of A! July the 13th starts the salvo in San Fran and we will be rolling down the west coast to L.A., across Rt10 east to Florida then up the east coast and back home. Been a long time kids! Keep your eyes open, and get Scorched! Cya on the R.O.A.D.!” Exhorder‘s Kyle Thomas says, “Rolling with Overkill is always nothing short of a family affair, but add Heathen and us to the mix too and it’s like a family vacation! We can’t wait to tear up the States with our family!” Heathen adds, “We are absolutely stoked to continue this killer tour package with our friends in Overkill and Exhorder and look forward to bringing it to the United States! We’ll see you in the pit!” For all the dates and details, head to:

This week marked the 17th Annual International Day of Slayer, an unofficial metalhead holiday which has grown since its launch on 6/6/06 as the National Day of Slayer by Jeff Tandy. Metalheads each celebrate the International Day of Slayer in their own way, blasting records, re-watching concert footage, and proudly displaying the band logo anywhere they can, but Jeff’s original website: has plenty of content and suggestions on how best to celebrate (or, if you missed it, catch up with a belated celebration).

Crypta is following up on their well-received debut Echoes of the Soul with a new album, Shades of Sorrow, set for August 4th via Napalm Records. This week, you can check out a video for “Lord of Ruins”, featuring the current lineup of former Nervosa vocalist/bassist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto, guitarist Tainá Bergamaschi, and guitarist Jessica di Falchi, right here: Luana says, “‘Lord of Ruins’ was our pick for a first single ‘cause it combines both melodic and aggressive melodies that are present throughout the whole album. So we thought it’s a good representation of what to expect of the whole piece. It’s also the final song of the record and it has a very impactful meaning. It’s the closure of the whole album concept and it also fits perfectly to the artwork concept we had in mind”. Find more on Crypta via:

Hypocrisy has just unleashed new content following their 2021 album, Worship, taking footage from three different concerts spanning their 2022 European tour, and creating a music video for the Worship track, “They Will Arrive”. Frontman Peter Tägtgren says, “We’ve got a chance to make another video with Damien Dausch and it feels like it completes the Worship tour. Enjoy!” Check it out here: Hypocrisy is set for a European summer run alongside Behemoth and In Flames. Keep up with the band via:

3TEETH are heading to the release of their fourth studio album, the title and details of which will be announced soon via Century Media Records. For now, the band reveals the first single with “Slum Planet”, produced by Doom composer Mick Gordon, with video direction by filmmaker Matteo Santoro. Frontman Alexis Mincolla says of the track, “An ecosystem? More like an ego-system. ‘Slum Planet’ is a monument to the hubris of mankind, to the ruthless exploitation of nature in the name of progress, to the willful blindness of those who chose profits over preservation”. Check out “Slum Planet” here: Head to: for more.

Kill The Lights, featuring former members of Bullet for My Valentine, Throw the Fight, Threat Signal, and Still Remains, have just revealed the first new video since their 2020 Fearless Records debut, The Sinner. Check out the single “Broken Bones” here: Kill The Lights have also announced their addition to the roster of Oracle Management – here’s what they have to say: “We are very excited to work with Dez and the team over at Oracle Management. Having such an artist-friendly management team with decades of experience and success is a perfect fit for Kill The Lights. From day one, we have been inspired by Dez and Anahstasia’s energy, passion, and hustle to ensure Kill The Lights reaches its full potential. Oracle Management is the missing piece we have been searching for to take us to the next level. We can’t wait to hit the road and share our new record with the world”. Follow the band via: