Metal Contraband Up-Coming Metal Add Radio Dates For 2021:

Up-Dated Tuesday, July 27th 2021:

This is a full listing of what’s adding at metal radio for the next 6 weeks. For full listing click here.

Up-Coming 2021 Add Dates:

Adding on August 2nd & 3rd:
April 21st – Courage Is Born From Fear  (Eclipse Records)
Axel Rudi Pell – Diamonds Unlocked II  (SPV/ Steamhammer) 
Imminence – Temptation (Single)  (Arising Empire Records)
Imonolith – Army of Me (Single)  (Independent)
I The Nihilist – Wonderlust (Single)  (Nihilist Entertainment)
Nytt Land – Ritual  (Napalm Records)
Pistols At Dawn – Nocturnal youth  (JFL Entertainment Group)
The Five Hundred – A World On Fire  (Long Branch Records) 

Adding On August 9th & 10th:
Destruction – Live Attack  (Napalm Records)
Lorna Shore – And I Return To Nothingness  (Century Media Records)
Slaughter To Prevail – Kostolom (Single)  (Sumerian Records)
The Ugly Kings – Strange, Strange Times  (Napalm Records)
The World Over – Artificial EP  (Independent)

Adding On August 16th & 17th:

Condemned – Daemonium  (Unique Leader Records)
KK’s Priest – Sermons of The Sinner  (Explorer1 Music)
Rollin’ Coffin – Runaway  (Static Era Records)
Warkings – Revolution  (Napalm Records)

Adding On August 23rd & 24th:
Ex Deo – The Thirteen Years Of Nero  (Napalm Records)
Glen Alvelais – Peace In Chaos  (Independent)
Sculptured – The Liminal Phase   (BMG)
Signs of the Swarm – Absolvere  (Unique Leader Records)
Sodom – Bombenhagel  (SPV/Steamhammer Records) 
Wolves In The Throne Room – Primordial Arcana  (Relapse Records)

Adding On August 30th & 31st:
Bokassa – Molotov Rocktail  (Napalm Records)
Carnifex – Graveside  Confessions  (Nuclear Blast USA)
Jinjer – Wallflowers  (Napalm Records)
Portrait – At One with None  (Metal Blade Records)
Seven Spires – Gods Of Debauchery  (Frontiers Music SRL)
TesseracT – P O R T A L S  (KSCOPE) 
Tuesday The Sky – The Blurred Horizon  (Metal Blade Records)

Adding On September 6th & 7th:
Aborted – Dementophobia  (Century Media Records)
Anette Olzon – Strong  (Frontiers Music SRL)
Mastiff – Leave Me The Ashes of The Earth  (Entertainment One)
Waking the Cadaver – Authority Through Intimidation  (Unique Leader Records)