Metal Contraband Up-Coming Metal Add Radio Dates For 2021:

Up-Dated Tuesday, June 22nd 2021:

This is a full listing of what’s adding at metal radio for the next 6 weeks. For full listing click here.

Up-Coming 2021 Add Dates:

Adding On June 28th & 29th:
Abstracted – Wither To Dust (Single) (M-Theory Audio)
Amenra – De Doorn  (Relapse Records)
At The Gates – A Nightmare Of Being  (Century Media Records)
Fargo – Strangers D’Amour  (Steamhammer/SPV Records)
Lord Of The Lost – Judas  (Napalm Records)
Nanowar Of Steel – Italian Folk Metal  (Napalm Records)
RiseuP – Destructive Machine’s Chilling  (Eclipse Records)

Adding On July 5th & 6th:
Darkthrone – Eternal Hails  (Peaceville Records)
Demiaura – The Ascendant  (Pavement Entertainment)
Reverend Jack – A Mile From Home  (Resurgence America)
White Wizzard – Flight Of Icarus (Single) (M-Theory Audio)
Within Temptation – Shed My Skin (Single)  (Force Music Recordings)

Adding On July 12th &13th:
Cognitive – Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction  (Unique Leader Records)
Eradicator – Influence Denied  (Metalville Records)
Famous Underground – In My Reflection  (Independent)
God Forbid – Determination (Reissue) (M-Theory Audio)
Laurenne/Louhimo – The Reckoning  (Frontiers Music SRL)
Shadows Fall – Of One Blood (Reissue) (M-Theory Audio)
Wizardthrone – Hypercube Necrodimensions  (Napalm Records)

Adding On July 19th & 20th:
Lee Aaron – Radio On!  (Metalville Records)
Powerwolf – Call Of The Wild  (Napalm Records)
Quicksand – Distant Populations  (Epitaph Records)
Times of Grace – Songs of Loss and Separation  (Wicked Good)
Yngwie Malmsteen – Parabellum  (Music Theories/MLG)

Adding On July 26th & 27th:
Attack Of The Rising – Game Changer  (Weapon Records/Vanity Music)
Godslave –  Godslave  (Metalville Records)
Ingested – The Surreption II  (Unique Leader Records)
Mordred – The Dark Parade  (M-Theory Audio)

Adding on August 2nd & 3rd:
April 21st – Courage Is Born From Fear  (Eclipse Records)
Feuerschwanz – Die Letzte Schlacht  (Napalm Records
Nytt Land – Ritual  (Napalm Records)
Pistols At Dawn – Nocturnal youth  (JFL Entertainment Group)